In 1888 five women were brutally murdered on the streets of East London. The killer was never caught, but more than a century later his name still carries terrifying echoes of that autumn terror.
'Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper' is a drama which looks at the case through the eyes of the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police. As he resigns on the day of the last murder he recounts the terrible weeks when East London was under a reign of fear and the world held it's breath. The play graphically evokes once more the circumstances of the Whitechapel murders and their social and political effects.
Using the words of actual witnesses in the case, and underscored with music of the period, the production brings to life and the terrible facts of the world's most infamous murders.



Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper , Brunton Theatre

Dave Marsden and Pat Abernethy Impress  - taking on multiple roles - leading the audience into the busy streets with intensity and much gallows humour.

Offering a running commentary on the final hours of the poor souls who had their dates with death in scarlet at the hands of Jack, at times this was like watching a 19th century episode of TVs '24' the clock ticking on the final hours of five women who would never have their deaths avenged with the capture of the Ripper. Although not interacting on stage, the combination of Abernethy's gravitas and Marsden's ability to effortlessly switch personas meant the pair complemented each other throughout. While never reaching any conclusion on the true identity of Jack, this was both a timely reminder of the birth of the scandal obsessed British press and a non-sensationalist account of a bleak period in London's history.

(Edinburgh Evening News, 2008 - Four Star Review)

The play was written by Patrick Prior and it was a truly remarkable piece of drama. The women never appear on the stage... but such was the strength of the script that I felt I had met them all.The author's empathy with the poor of the East End shone though and was most moving.The two actors carried the script along beautifully and there was also light relief by the way of music and songs of the time.It was a short play, just over an hour long but made up in quality what it lacked in quantity. At the end of the evening I was no nearer knowing who the Ripper might be, but I had spent an intriguing and thought-provoking evening courtesy of Isosceles.
(Surrey Review)

The graphic details on Jack the Ripper's horrendous crimes could have been almost too much to take, but this was a very well told tale by Pat Abernethy and Dave Marsden from Isosceles...and along with the music and hymns of the time we were given a real flavour of the East End of London in the late 19th century.

(Bracknell News)

...a dramatic lecture, informative, interesting, well performed...The music of the period, both as background and as the occasional song was excellent, and there were some fascinating titbits of information.

(Surrey Advertiser)

"It's not often that I am fascinated by a production but this one is not only well performed but also informative.

(Scot FM Radio)


"Great dramatic , entertaining slant on Jack the Ripper case, performed by two wonderful professionals. Captured the atmosphere of Victorian Whitechapel. Looking forward to seeing these great actors in Jekyll and Hyde."

"Had a brilliant night."

"Really enjoyed last night, well done, I thought it was really atmospheric with the songs and projections. Gripping stuff."

"Really enjoyed the performance. Thank you."

"The play was really well done."

"I wanted to congratulate you on a lovley piece of writing, the women's story was told beautifully and was handled with the dignity they deserved. A very lovely evening and a great piece of theatre - the use of music was great."


This play opened in the east end of london and has since been successfully performed at the following venues:

Kings's Lynn Arts Centre

Wilde Theatre, Bracknell

Norden Farm Centre For The Arts, Maidenhead

Festival of Chichester

Edinburgh Festival 2001

Welsh Arts Council Tour

Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Royal College Of Surgeons, Edinburgh

Haddington Festival

Haddo House, Aberdeen

Birchvale Theatre, Dalbeattie

Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh

Arts Guild Theatre, Greenock

Epsom Playhouse Studio

Wimbledon Studio Theatre

Hoxton Hall, London

Bierkeller Theatre, Bristol

Subscription Rooms, Stroud

Stables Theatre, Hastings

Underground Theatre, Eastbourne

Sleaford Playhouse

Brentwwod Theatre

Ifield Barn, Crawley

Yvonne Arnaud Mill Studio, Guildford

Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury

The Space Arts Centre, London

East Kilbride Arts Centre

Heron Theatre , Cumbria

Riverside Theatre, Coleraine

Market Place Theatre, Armagh

Coartyard Theatre, Newtonabbey

Eccleshall School, Norfolk

Brookside Theatre, Romford