About Isosceles


Pat Abernethy and Dave Marsden are two actors who have written, produced and performed their own shows for many years, originally based in Ireland, and since the eighties, in London. The main feature of the majority of their work then was that it was comedy based but mostly performed in theatres.

Just prior to the millennium the renowned playwright and 'Emmerdale' creator, Kevin Laffan wrote two new plays for Pat and Dave, 'Odd Ball Out' and 'The Husband's Tale' which were highly acclaimed critically.


From this time the duo, who have always performed under the name ISOSCELES, have moved back closer to their straight acting roots, and have worked closely with writer Patrick Prior and actor/director Jim Dunk (collectively known as Useful Idiots); the results have been the following productions:

2000 - Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper

2002 - On Our Way to Lisbon

2002 - The Haunters

2004 - Dracula the Panto

2006 - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

2008 - The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band Changed My Life Forever

2010 - The Man Who Left The Titanic

2013 - The Vampire and Mrs Riley

2015 - Murder, Just What The Doctor Ordered

2017 - Little Vicky & The Seven Assassins'

Other productions written by Pat & Dave & other writers include:

2005 - Songs That Matter, A music show written, produced and performed by Pat & Dave.

2009 - Behind You! Written by Dave Marsden, produced by ISOSCELES.

2011 - Probably The Best Comedy Songs In The World Ever, Maybe, A music show written, produced and performed by Pat & Dave.

2014 - BECKETT'S LAST ACT, adapted from the book of the same name by Mora Grey.

2018 - SONGS FROM IRELAND, A music show written, produced and performed by Pat & Dave.

The one thing that has never changed over the years is that every show is a brand new original production, and so far, past and present, there have been nearly thirty.