'It was perhaps the most bizarre pairing in the history of Cinema. Arthur Lucan, a British drag act, and Bela Lugosi, fading Hollywood horror star, were thrown together in 1951 to make a cheapo B movie called Mother Riley Meets the Vampire.

But beneath the washerwoman's apron and the vampire's cloak are two men who stand at the crossroads of life. Their moments of greatness are behind them and a frightening future lies ahead. When the cameras stop rolling and the lights fade, all they have is each other.



The play references B movie 'Mother Riley Meets The Vampire' which was released in 1952 and starred horror icon Bela Lugosi and British music hall star Arthur Lucan, and these are the two legendary figures we are to spend the evening with....all in all Patrick Prior has researched and written this piece well....Abernethy and Marsden have worked selflessly for and with each other. It is poignant without requiring you to reach for the tissues and the comedy is well timed and rises out of character and situation. Marsden's vocal inflections and physical gestures are well observed....Abernethy plays the part of Lugosi adroitly, the Hungarian accent sounding plausible to my untutored ears. ....The music is cheerful, well selected 1950s fare and often contrasts and counterpoints with tragic events unfolding on the stage....the play has much to say about marriage, relationships and the human condition. The audience responded well and the applause was warm and continuous meriting the return to the stage for the actors for a deserved second bow. An absorbing evening in the theatre, this is well worth a watch.

Pete McCrohon - Remotegoat THEATRES PLAYED

I attended your show last night at the Cinema Museum and was impressed by both the quality of the writing and the truly splendid performances. Congratulations on your splendid achievement last night - it really was a most accomplished treat...what talents you both are.

Wayne Drew - Writer and Director


'I thought everything about this play was wonderful.'

'We thoroughly enjoyed your performance last night - it was profound and poignant with a touch of comedy - brilliant.'

'It was a lovely piece of theatre and it made me cry at the end.'

'It was such a wonderful play - my partner is not a theatre fan and he really enjoyed it.'

'Many congratulations on tonight's performance. We took a friend and we all really enjoyed your play.'

'Amazing - outstanding.'

'I really enjoyed the evening, particularly the way the whole thing changed gear, deepened and darkened as it went...very funny too, and unexpected in a whole lot of ways.'

'I loved the show tonight and want to know about your other shows.'

'Your shows are the things I enjoy most.'

'I didn't know the two characters in the play but I was totally absorbed by their story.'

'Outstanding performances, the play built to a poignant and nostalgic climax.'

'Best one of your shows I've seen.'

'Brilliant night. We LOVED it. We both knew the life stories of those two amazing men, this made it mean a lot more.'




Cinema Museum, London

Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Sarah Thorne Theatre, Broadstairs

Colour House Theatre, Merton Abbey Mills

The Wilde Studio Theatre, Bracknell

The Stables Theatre, Hastings

Ifield Barn, Crawley