No-one ever stayed in the dark, brooding house for very long. There was something wrong there, very wrong. A brilliant doctor takes up residence only to die violently. What is the terrible secret hidden behind the doors of the house by the river? When the dead man's brother decides to investigate he sets in motion a chain of events which will eventually lead him to a vortex of terror. He pursues the truth through the gas-lit, fog-filled streets of Victorian London until eventually he is forced to confront the horrifying truth. There in the flickering shadows of the house of fear the secret of his brother's death is finally revealed and he finds that perhaps death is only the beginning.


THE HAUNTERS is a gothic horror story which provides an eerie evening...the two actors, Pat Abernethy and Dave Marsden are ideal as the Victorian doctor and solicitor and together with director Jim Dunk create just the right amount of tension and sinister atmosphere in this supernatural tale. If you like ghost stories, haunted houses and hansom cabs dashing across London, dash to this... This haunting tale makes for a seriously creepy evening...spine extremely disturbing ending.


The result bears a marked resemblance to the West End long runner 'The Woman In Black', with the same resort to graveside solemnity, shadowy silhouettes, ghostly shrieks and murmuring voices in which two men are scared out of their wits by past events too horrible to contemplate.


The set is minimal and is effective in the graveyard scenes where the lighting creates a sinister atmosphere and ingenious in suggesting a hansom cab in which the solicitor dashes to save his client. The ghostliest effects are produced by the wails and screams coming from a source in the auditorium itself.


Audience reaction

"The last play I saw was 'The Haunters' which was outstanding. This was the first play I saw here and the main reason I returned."


"Great show. I'd like to see more of this company - very realistic."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this performance and would definitely return if this company were to come back to the Riverside."

"Excellent. Brilliant story telling. Wonderful."

"Fantastic to see two great actors holding an audience so captive. Wonderful story telling, wonderful performance - a real treat."

"Atmosphere was thoroughly haunting. A drama well worth seeing which has you gripped from beginning to end."

"Simply marvellous - not a sound from the audience. Well done. Encore."


Premiered at The Yvonne Arnaud Mill Studio, Guildford
September 2002

The play has been performed to near packed houses at;

Brewhouse Theatre,Taunton

Capitol Theatre, Horsham

Middlesbrough Theatre (2010, 2018)

Eden Court Theatre, Inverness (2008,2014)

Market Theatre, Armagh (2006, 2014)

King's Lynn Arts Centre

Palace Theatre, Newark

The Stables, Hastings

The Heron Theatre, Cumbria

Norden Farm Centre For The Arts, Maidenhead

Wilde Theatre, Bracknell

Camberley Theatre

Theatre by the Lake, Keswick

Yvonne Arnaud Mill Studio, Guildford (2002, 2015)

Manoel Theatre, Malta

Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy

East Kilbride Arts Centre

Rose Theatre, Kidderminster

Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford

Wimbledon Studio Theatre

The Playhouse, Sleaford

Ellen Terry Theatre, Kent

Brookside Theatre, Romford

Cumbernauld Theatre

Brunton Theatre, Mussleburgh

Well Theatre, Moffat

Bowhill House, Selkirk

Town Hall Theatre, Hamilton

Paisley Arts Centre

Arts Guild, Greenock

Eastgate Theatre, Peebles

Birnam Institute For The Arts

North Edinburgh Arts Centre

Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen

Riverside Theatre, Coleraine

Playhouse, Derry

Island Arts Centre, Lisburn