SONGS THAT MATTER... The show consists of 1 piano, 2 singers and a bunch of songs with meaning from a bunch of songwriters who care; songs to touch you or make you think. All of the songs performed will be from the likes of...

Bob Dylan - Paul Simon - Jackson Browne - Randy Newman

Paul Brady - Tom Waits - Warren Zevon - Van Morrison - John Prine

Mark Knopfler - The Proclaimers - Eric Bogle - Bruce Springsteen

Beth Nielson Chapman - Christy Moore - Richard Thompson

Loudon Wainwright etc...


'I wish you both the success you deserve as you are undoubtedly a talented pair of men, and I hope the music business will be as good to you as it has been to me.'

Phil Coulter (singer-songwriter/composer)

'I noticed that just before we went on the air and even while we were on the air, you seemed to be working on one of the songs that you sang that morning. It was dazzling to me to see such a high level of creativity and performance on such short notice and with such skill .'

Richard Benjamin (Hollywood director/actor)

"Thanks for a cracking gig last night at the Stables. It was nice to have something so different from last year's show and interesting to hear the variety of songs on offer (thought - provoking they certainly were - had at least three of us in tears at various points)." 

Stables Theatre, Cromarty

'Hi Pat and Dave, just a note to let you know I came to see 'Songs That Matter' and really, really loved it - well done and good luck for the future.' Sally Martin, Director of Square Chapel, Halifax.

...Two singers and one piano in a performance of a host of thought-provoking and inspiring songs...

East Kilbride Advertiser


"Incredibly moving"

"Very touching"

"This show really made me think"

"There was a wonderful poignancy and charm to the evening"

"The singing and playing complemented each other perfectly"

"There was a real depth to the material"

"Very emotional but not sentimental"

"Unlike any other musical evening I've been to - a sheer delight"


Since then the show has been seen at the following theatres:

Brunton Theatre, Mussleburgh

Angles Theatre, Wisbech

Square Chapel, Halifax

Island Arts Centre, Lisburn

Market Place Theatre, Armagh

East Kilbride Arts Centre

Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine

Stables Theatre, Cromarty

Fortrose Leisure Centre
Eastgate Theatre, Peebles
Stables Theatre, Hastings