Little Vicky And The Seven Assassins

The crowds cheered; the bands played; Queen Victoria waved. But among the smiling, adoring faces were men with murderous thoughts. History tells of a glorious, golden reign and an empire on which the sun never set. But history does not often recall that during her rule there were seven attempts to assassinate beloved Vicky, Empress of Nearly Bloody Everything. Who WERE these would be killers? Find out in this fascinating tale told through melodrama, comedy and Rock n Roll!

A new play by Patrick Prior performed and produced by Isosceles (Pat Abernethy and Dave Marsden)

This show opened at the Yvonne Arnaud Mill Studio in Guildford on November 24/25th 2017

Audience Reaction

“Great performances, I loved your twinkly portrayal of the pathetic villains – altogether pitch perfect, I would say.”


“Very informative and entertaining – the two actors very skilfully played multiple roles.”


“I loved the historical detail of the Victorian era mixed with well-known modern songs.”


“This is the first time I have seen this company’s work. Please let me know where and when I can see their other shows,”


“This show was FAB.”


“I thought the musical arrangements were excellent.”


“What a fabulous evening we had – we were bowled over by how much work must have gone into producing the show and you make it all seem so relaxed. We really enjoyed it so much.”


“It was great to see one of your shows and the audience had a ball.”


“The play was great and you are such a good team.”


“We thoroughly enjoyed the play and look forward to your ne next production.”